GCSE success for Activate Learning’s Reading College students

Students at Activate Learning’s Reading College are celebrating today after collecting their successful GCSE exam results.

Left to right: Marni Rolfe, Kyezel Lee and Grace Prince.

More than 95% Reading College students who sat a maths or English GCSE exam have achieved a pass.

Many of the college’s GCSE students are learners who resit maths, English or both, to continue in education or progress their career.

This includes mature students who need these GCSEs to progress in the workplaces, learners who may have missed the chance to go to university and want to study at degree level alongside part-time students who have studied GCSEs at evening classes.

Around a quarter of students who have taken an exam for English or maths GCSE at Reading College have improved their grades than that they had previously.

Several students have been studying GCSE pathways at Reading College. The college also offers two full-time GCSE pathways, the humanities pathway consists of English Language, English Literature, Maths, Geography and Citizenship Studies. The science pathway consists of combined science, English, maths and statistics.

Congratulations to all our students!

Cheri Ashby appointed Deputy CEO at Activate Learning

Cheri Ashby, Deputy Chief Executive of Activate Learning, said: “GCSE results day is such a special time for us at Activate Learning as often we see our students overcoming the barriers they have encountered in their studies previously, to improve their grades and succeed where perhaps they thought they would not.

“Once again, this year I am delighted to see so many students improving on what they have previously achieved, and to do so in the first public exams for two years – and for many of them their first since they were in Year 6 – is a real achievement.

“I’d also like to take a moment to celebrate our older students who may have returned to education to get their mathematics and English GCSEs to advance their careers. I’ve heard some amazing stories about some of our mature students and I really want to shine a spotlight on their achievements, especially given the demands many of them faced in terms of juggling family commitments, busy home schedules and coming into college.

“In particular, our mature students studying English and mathematics GCSEs fully online have experienced tremendous success today. This is a tribute to the way our teachers have embedded our Learning Philosophy by supporting our students to develop and build their confidence, keeping them motivated through helping them understand the relevance of their learning to their career pathway and having lots of opportunities to practise their skills and improve through ongoing feedback.

“I would like to also express my thanks and appreciation to all our staff who have worked tirelessly over the past year to ensure our students achieve their qualifications.

“For those students that are due to join us next year, I hope everyone has done as well as they had hoped. Please remember that if you have not, we are always here to help you work out what you can do next and talk through your career options with you.”

An outstanding set of results

Kejsida Hoxhaj

Kejsida Hoxhaj a full-time GCSE Science pathway student at Reading College, is celebrating an outstanding set of results including Grades 7-7 in Combined Science, Grade 7 in Mathematics, Grade 7 in Statistics, and a Grade 4 in English.

Kejsida said: “I moved here two years ago from Greece for my education and I had a really good experience. The teachers were so nice and helpful throughout the whole course. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m hoping to study Dentistry in the future so I’m staying to do my A levels here.”

Supported while studying

Anderson Reynolds

Anderson Reynolds, a full-time GCSE science pathway student achieved Grades 7-6 in Combined Science, Grade 6 in English, Grade 5 in Maths and a Grade 5 in Statistics, and now plans to study A Levels in September.

Anderson said: “I loved my experience at college. I’m so pleased I got the grades I needed. I had a Grade 3 before in English and now I’ve got a Grade 6.

“I am dyslexic, and the teachers really help you understand and look after you more than anything. I’ve worked really hard this year and I’m looking forward to the future.”

Pursuing a new career as a Vet

Ewa Borowska , a part-time standalone GCSE English student at Reading College achieved a Grade 8.

Ewa said “I had a really great experience at college, with amazing teachers. I needed my GCSE in English as it’s my second language to pursue the career I wanted.

“I’m going to study to be veterinary nurse. It’s a big step to take in your thirties but I’m confident I’ll get there.”

Pleased to have finally passed her maths GCSE


Kyezel-lee Pembroke got a Grade 4 which she needed to be able to progress onto a future career.

“I’m so pleased to have finally passed my Maths GCSE. I knuckled down and got the support I needed.

“The teachers are really understanding, and I enjoyed how independent college is. It’s an easier learning environment than school. I’m hoping to go on to be a Youth Worker.”

Explore your options at Reading College

Reading College offers part-time GCSEs in English and Maths. The college also offers two full-time GCSE pathways, the humanities pathway consists of English Language, English Literature, Maths, Geography and Citizenship Studies. The science pathway consists of Combined Science, English,Mmaths and Statistics.

Reading College teaches a wide range of A Levels including History, Law,Bbiology and Accounting, as well as a degree-level qualifications in Digital Technologies and Engineering. Additionally, our extensive network of business partners means that we provide outstanding apprenticeship opportunities via Activate Apprenticeships.

This year, we are providing information, advice and guidance at the college on the GCSE results day, and throughout the end of August and early September. Tutors and career advisers will be on hand to help anyone who is unsure as to what to do next after GCSEs, and we can also provide advice on funding and other student support services. More information is available at https://www.activatelearning.ac.uk/clearing/