Term dates

Term dates are based around full-time students taking classroom-based courses.

If you’re unsure whether your course follows these dates, please check with your tutor or assessor.

2021/22 Terms
Autumn Term 2021
Teaching period Monday 5 September-Friday 16 December
Independent study week 25–29 October
Spring Term 2022
Teaching period 5 January–7 April
Independent study week 21–25 February
Inset days
4 January and 8 April
Summer Term 2022
Teaching period 25 April–1 July
Independent study week 30 May–3 June
2022/23 Terms
Autumn Term 2022
Teaching period 5 September–16 December
Independent study week 24-28 October
Spring Term 2023
Teaching period 4 January-31 March
Independent study week 13–17 February
Inset days
3 January and 17 April
Summer Term 2023
Teaching period 18 April–30 June
Independent study week 29 May–2 June