GCSE success for Activate Learning’s Reading College students

12 August, 2021

Over 99% of Activate Learning’s Reading College students taking full-time GCSE programmes or standalone maths and English GCSEs achieved a pass in this year’s exams.

Many of the college’s GCSE students are learners who resit maths, English or both, to continue in education or progress their career.

These include mature students who need these GCSEs to progress in their careers, learners who may have missed the chance to go to university first time round and want to study at degree level and also part-time students who have studied GCSEs in evening classes.

Vera, one of Reading College’s top performing students, achieved 7s and 9s across five GCSE subjects. Vera came to the UK last year from an international school in Thailand and had to navigate the UK education system. She is delighted to be able to go onto to study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Reading College from September.

Vera said: “I’ve had a really nice experience and the teachers have been so helpful! Learning online has been an interesting experience but the teachers made sure that everything was accessible. I’m excited to call my grandparents in Turkey to share the good news. I still can’t believe my results!”

Kai, 19 has retaken his GSCEs for the third time and is delighted to have passed this year. This will enable him to go on to study A Levels at Reading College in September, including Psychology, so he can pursue a career in counselling.

Kai said: “As someone with a history of coping with mental health issues alongside my studies, I feel that I am well placed to support students in the future who are struggling with the same. The college has been so supportive that I would love to be able help in the same way for others in an educational setting.”

Rahmah achieved five GSCEs including English and maths. After struggling at secondary school, Rahmah came to Reading College to try and turn things around and achieve the results she needs to train to become a teacher.

Rahmah said: “I am really pleased with my results! These will allow me to spend a year as a teaching assistant in a local school, working with special needs children. I am then planning to return to Reading College and study the Access to Higher Education course, so I can go to university to become a teacher. The tutors here have been so helpful and have really motivated me to turn my life around. I’m looking forward to having a celebratory meal later with my family.”

Adeline celebrates her GCSE results

Adeline achieved a grade 6 in English alongside a distinction in Health and Social Care Level 2. Adeline arrived in the UK from India in 2019 and this was her first year of studying at a UK college. She will go on to study Health and Social Care Level 3 at Reading College in September.

Adeline said: “I am really happy with my results. I would like to go into Radiology or Midwifery and my results will allow me to do this. I have really enjoyed the practical side of the course and the teachers have been so supportive and attentive.”

Toby has passed his English and Maths at age 46. He is now able to start an access to HE courses in Law, Business and Accounting which will enable him to study at university in the future.

He said: “ I had enough of manual labour and decided that I wanted to do something using my brain and so I came to Reading College. I had already spent a year here doing functional skills, which lead me onto GSCEs. Getting to grips with online learning wasn’t easy but the teachers have been brilliant. My daughter and I both picked up our results today and so will be celebrating later.”

Toby celebrates his GCSE results

Sally Dicketts CBE, Chief Executive of Activate Learning, said: “Congratulations and well done to those of you picking up your GCSE and level 2 results today. You have managed, under difficult and changing circumstance, to stay focused on your studies and have I hope obtained the grades you were wishing for.

“There are now a range of worthwhile, stretching vocational and/ or academic courses for you to consider undertaking, in order to provide you with the jobs and lifestyle you want for your future.

“But all is not lost if you haven’t got what you had hoped for, we can work with you to help you realise your ambition. Just come and speak to us at Activate Learning whatever your results. We can help.”

Reading College offers part-time GCSEs in English and maths. The college also offers two full-time GCSE pathways, the humanities pathway consists of English, maths, history, sociology and media. The science pathway consists of combined science, English, maths and statistics.

Reading College teaches a wide range of A Levels including history, law, biology and accounting, as well as a degree-level qualifications in psychology and criminology and the Professional / Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Additionally, our extensive network of business partners means that we provide outstanding apprenticeship opportunities.

This year, we are providing information, advice and guidance at the college throughout the end of August and early September. Tutors and career advisers will be on hand to help anyone who is unsure as to what to do next after GCSEs, and we can also provide advice on funding and other student support services. More information.