Parents: Supporting your young person during exams – attendance, managing stress and revision opportunities 

As we approach the upcoming exam period, we understand that this can be a challenging time for your young person. 

To ensure their success, we must reiterate the importance of attendance at college and utilising the additional revision sessions available to them. Please make sure to encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities available to them and attend all lessons in the run up to exams.   

We want to reassure you that your young person’s wellbeing is a top priority. We’re here to provide them with the support and resources needed to help them manage exam stress and make the most of their revision opportunities. 

We have dedicated pages for students with further information on timetables, advice and revision resources:  

Revision opportunities at college 

The education team is ready to assist students with additional revision sessions, study skills, time management, and exam preparation strategies. Students can also schedule a 1:1 session if they need personalised assistance. 

In-person specialist tutor revision sessions and study skills sessions will be available at all campuses from April 16 to June 30.  

For further information regarding days and times of sessions available to your young person, please visit our student communications webpage. 

In addition to these revision and skills sessions, we encourage students to collaborate with their peers and form study groups. Discussing topics with others can provide different perspectives and deepen their understanding of the material. 


While apprentices may not be sitting GCSE exams, these sessions and support services may still be useful for apprentices undertaking their qualification.   

Please encourage your young person to speak with their Performance Coaches for further information.   

Access to resources:  

Students have access to a wide variety of resources at college and online. These include textbooks, online materials, and past exam papers. Our Learning Environments and online databases are excellent sources to enhance revision. Students can visit ALO for Learning Environment and TEL space opening times. 

They can also access Century with their student logins to boost their abilities and exam confidence.  

Seeking help:  

If your young person needs additional help, encourage them to reach out to their teachers with questions of if they require clarification on any topics. They are here to help them succeed. 

Ahead of your exam 

Exam room location: 

Ensure your young person familiarise themselves with the location of their exam room in advance of the exam morning.  

If they are unsure of where the room is, please get them to ask a member of staff in advance to avoid any additional stress on the day. 


Make sure they have the correct equipment for all exams and bring a few black pens to each. 

For maths exams, they need a complete Geometry set including a protractor, compass, pencil, eraser and ruler. They will also need a scientific calculator for Maths Paper 2.   

Free Breakfast Club at college: 

We have a Breakfast Club at all campuses. Students can eat some toast, cereal and a hot drink before they sit their exam. This is free and open to all from 8:30–9:15am.  

Managing exam stress 

We have a dedicated parents’ guide to managing exam stress 

Activate Learning Online (ALO) can also be accessed with student logins for webpages on exam stress and stress and anxiety. 

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques:  

We want to ensure that students are looking after their wellbeing during exam season.  

We encourage student to consider incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques into their daily routine. Simple activities like deep breathing, meditation, or short walks can have a positive impact on reducing stress levels. 

Time management:  

We have plenty of top tips for exam success. Students will want to create a realistic study schedule that allows for breaks. Effective time management can help them stay focused, maintain a healthy balance, and avoid last-minute cramming. 

They may want to download a daily revision planner and weekly revision planner  to help them to organise their revision sessions.  

Healthy lifestyle:  

We want to ensure students are taking care of your physical health by getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and staying hydrated. A well-nourished body and mind are better equipped to handle stress. 

Support services 

Student Support and counselling services:  

If your young person is feeling overwhelmed, our Student Support team and counselling service are available to provide emotional support and coping strategies. 

Students are not alone, and there are resources and people available to support them at college. We encourage breaks when needed, a positive mindset, and believing in their abilities.  

We’re working in partnership with parents to support their young person to succeed and to progress to the next stage of their lives.  

We wish your young person the best of luck with their exams! 

Warm regards, 

Cheri Ashby on behalf of the Education Leadership Team