Follow our engineering pathway and you will get an excellent grounding in mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering to enable you to choose the career that’s right for you.

Following recent investments in our engineering facilities you’ll benefit from completing your diploma in state-of-the-art learning zones, high-quality workshops, modern design and fabrication spaces.

Using different machining processes, thanks to lathes, milling machines and various other specialist tools being in the workshop, you’ll gain practical experience of processes that you may do in the future.

As part of your studies, you will also have the opportunity to take part in employer-led, work-based projects, based on real-life scenarios, providing invaluable experience to supplement your studies. Level 3 students have recently benefitted from curriculum sponsorship from Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME), including a work-based project, guest lecturing and regional competitions.

Roles in this industry include, among others, engineering technicians, who focus on support diagnostic and maintenance of technical equipment, and project managers, who oversee engineering projects and chartered engineers. These are engineers registered with the sector’s regulatory body (the Engineering Council), who work to create solutions for engineering problems at a highly-skilled level.

The engineering sector in the UK is vast, and essential to the economic health of the nation. Engineers work in every major industry and are responsible for everything from streamlining manufacturing processes to designing cities and pioneering efficient new technologies. Engineering skills are widely sought after and used beyond the engineering sector itself, with 1.8 million people workers in engineering-related roles in sectors outside mainstream engineering.

Industry partnerships

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